April 2013 WORKSHOP Design Explore Marrakesh: We all had an amazing and intensive day; five fast/intensive workshops as the young people made their way from one workshop to the next in a day long workshop rotation event at Ecole supérieure des arts visuel de Marrakech Maroc.  I based the workshop on making// structure //triangulation.

Here are some images of the day: we had great fun, thanks to everyone and a special thanks to the pigeon winners!

Studio Silo, Fabiane Capello, Jemma of Custhom and Roger Arquer all ran workshop that day too! Great fun


March-ongoing 2013,

I am happy to be a creative lead on an exciting project in Morocco with Evonne Mackenzie, Senior Design Adviser for Architecture, Design, Fashion at the BRITISH COUNCIL in London.  DESIGN EXPLORE: Morocco aims to collaborate with aspiring Moroccan designers to develop skills and knowledge of contemporary design with exchange and collaboration at its core.

A call was put out for young creatives in Morocco who were interested in learning more about designing and making to take part n a two-week workshop in April in Marrakesh where designers including Harry of Committee, Thorsten van Elton, Studio Silo, Fabiane Capello, Jemma of Custhom, Roger Arquer and myself would offer workshops, walks, events, discussion and seminars . Later Peter Marigold also visited with Evonne and myself to offer feedback on developing designs. Watch this space for a Moroccan design explore event/exhibition/happening…….

We partnered and collaborated with many Moroccan creatives including


Thingness: The Collection

Curation of exhibition entitled Thingness: The Collection with Maiko Tsutsumi, 16 April 2013 – 25 May 2013 at Camberwell Space, London SE5 8UF supported by David Garnett, Conservation Department, Camberwell and accompanied by Thingnness: the Collection events 

Image_4 Image_5 Image_2 Image_3

Image_7 Image_1 Image_6 Image_8

Introduction written by Maiko Tsutsumi

What role does the ‘materiality of things’ play in our relationship to the objects we create and consume?

The above question was the starting point of the Thingness exhibition and symposium, held at Camberwell College of Arts in 2011. Second in series, Thingness: The Collection presents a group of objects selected from the Camberwell Collection. Along with an accompanying series of workshops and talks, the exhibition explores the affective’ potential of objects, as well as a range of approaches by artists and designers working in response to archives and collections. …(read more)

Morning Residency at Camberwell Space (Committee: Harry Richardson & Clare Page)

IMG_1619       IMG_1645
Workshop: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with the miscellaneous objects from Deptford market.

Workshop: Take Me Make Me (Bridget Harvey & Meghan Hutchins)

IMG_0996   People were given small boxes of materials, and given free choice to make whatever they wish with the contents.

Workshop: Stuff to Savour (Tony Hayward)
Workshop: Objects Stories (Karen Richmond & Michael Hurley)
Talk: The History of ILEA Collection (Maria Georgaki) & Object handling session (David Garnett)
Talk: Humans see round corners, but cameras don’t (Richard Wentworth)

Extended Arms: Exhibition Design and Curation, Delhi India

November 2012

Design and curation of an exhibition celebrating Indian artists and designers who have graduated from UK universities. The exhibition was held at the High Commissioners Garden in Delhi and The Queens Gallery, British Council, Delhi for LUIP & UKTI and launched by Boris Johnson Mayor of London

EDEN – Learning Through Play, a Child’s Experience

CREATIVE LEAD for PROJECT PLAY:  a research and enterprise project sharing ideas around play and creativity with collaborators in Japan: take a look at the PROJECT PLAY BLOG




Play involves spaces, objects, a range of senses, narrative, interaction and experiences. This makes it the ideal project platform for an approach across three courses, 3D Design, Interior and Spatial Design and Theatre Design.

This blog supports the research platform, which is being carried out by selected students across three BA design courses within Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges.  It is a space to share, show, and discuss the project that is being carried out in a collaborative way. It allows exchanges between the teams and explores new ways of multi-national, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural communication.

MA Prep teaching in Beijing

Thanks to all the UAL Beijing MA Prep students who made my week of teaching in Beijing really enjoyable: Here are some images of the first days presentation at the VIA space in 798 Art Area Beijing China

Chopstick Experiments at Tokyo Wondersite

Whilst in Japan working on The Cherished Things Project, I also looked at what I called ‘invisible objects’. I asked the local noodle restaurant to save their used chopsticks, which I collected daily and took back to TWS to wash and dry and experiment with in the studio.




Workshop and Dialogue at KREI Open Source Studio:Tokyo


This participatory workshop will discuss our relationship with ‘things’. How we live our lives in the 'middle of things' and how objects connect us to ideas and people. We will consider how things sometimes take the place for thought that cannot be expressed or spoken.

Workshop Context:

With more objects than ever before created daily, what makes an object become cherished?  Maybe through questioning this further we can consider how to create a meaningful and lasting future with our things.

Workshop structure: (note: Please bring your cherished thing with you.)

-Presentation by K.Richmond about things, Round table discussion

-Discussion by all participants about their relationship to the object they have brought with them. Telling the story of the object.

-Photography of people and their things.




Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama, Tokyo Japan (以下に日本の)

Creator in Residence: October – November 2011

CCW have collaborated with the Tokyo Wonder Site in Aoyama to invite two UAL (University of the Arts London) academics to be creators in residence in Tokyo.

Over the next two months I plan to collect stories around ‘cherished things’ and the people who cherish them. What is it that connects external things to our internal worlds.

What are todays objects telling us about the times we live in and can this sharing create some sense of reflection and common good in communities and society for the future.  Through observing what we cherish, may there be suggestions of how to live in a world with more meaningful things and maybe a future that is more in balance with ‘our stuff’. My first day was spent with the unwanted objects at a second hand sale in a carpark in Meiji Stadium.

Cherished Things(大切なもの)

Below is information to download in Japanese and English explaining the Cherished Things project in Japan.

Contact me if you would like to be involved:


English:Cherished_Thing english


BRITISH MUSEUM event: ‘welcome to the after life’

Grayson Perry Late: Friday 11 November, 18.00–21.00 Great Court British Museum London

Together with a fantastic group of 3D students we proposed two concepts for this event. The event: WELCOME TO THE AFTERLIFE was accepted. Visitors to the British Museum will be invited to choose the objects they want to take to the next life and lie with them in a closed coffin…..

Link to British Museum Film

A handling session at the British Museum as part of a research trip

Holding a 3000 year old piece of jade carved into a fish

Watch a fashion show, get hands-on in the craft fair, take part in interactive installations, a silent disco and much more as students from the University of the Arts London take over the Museum for one exciting night.

 In collaboration with UAL Platform & SUARTS, the University’s Student Union.